As one of my many freelance jobs, I am currently a photographer for an online publication called Techzette. You should check it out! It’s a tech publication that does stories on local start-up companies, new things happening in the technology world globally, and any local Austin things happening that may be of interest to the community based in the technology field.

           Working for Techzette, I've been able to do photo shoots at a glass blowing company called Grav Labs and a sign printing company called Build-A-Sign. I've also been the photographer for stories about local meetings where people in the tech world can potentially make helpful connections. My last assignment was on the new, possibly faster, bus route called MetroRapid. I rode the bus downtown and back up taking shots at certain stops on and off the bus trying to represent the entire experience in my photos.

           I am truly enjoying this job, and I am learning a lot too. I have never worked for a publication before, and find it to be quite different than the work I've done in the past. My goal, as in everything I do, is to get as much out of this experience as I possibly can in hopes that I can someday work for some kind of travel publication. Traveling is my other passion, and the ultimate life goal for me is to be able to combine my passions of both traveling and photography! Until I get to that point, I am looking forward to my next assignment with Techzette to shoot at SXSW!

           Here are a few of my favorite shots I've done for Techzette, but be sure you check out the website to see the full stories! Here's a direct link to my Techzette profile with the stories I've taken photos for.

from Grav Labs photo journal
from Grav Labs photo journal
from Build-A-Sign photo journal
from Bitcoin article
from MetroRapid article


           I am currently taking a photography course. Each week we have a new assignment, and this week's assignment was shadows. Shadows seemed like such an easy theme, but I wanted to push myself to do something different and add a little bit of creativity into it.

          I started to play with objects and different light sources that I had around the house to get some inspiration. I quickly realised that holding a flashlight at a certain height and distance while also being at the proper angle to get the shot was not going to be a one person job. So, I recruited my roommate, Matt, to help me!

          We both got really into the assignment. We started with a UV lamp as the light source, but it wasn't producing sufficient shadows. We moved on to using a new LED flashlight my dad recently bought me. That was great for some of the ideas. My roommate has a collection of Aunt Jemima syrup bottles he inherited from his grandmother. We played with them shining the flashlight through the bottle to create beautiful colors onto the wall.

          Matt is also an artist, and he has a lot of different tools that he uses to create his art. One of the items he has in his collection is an overhead projector. We set that up in the living room and with it was able to create images by putting an item on the projector itself. Combining the projector with standing or sitting in front of the light source, we were able to make some very creative photos.

          I learned a lot about lighting from this project. Up to this point, I have been shooting mostly in natural light. However, I would like to take the next step and learn about studio and other kinds of off-camera lighting. I hope to get an off-camera flash very soon to play with and learn how to use efficiently so that I can expand my photography to include places and events with low lighting.

           It was interesting to learn about the angles of the lights and the moods they create as well as the distances that create softer or harder shadows. Here are some of the images I ended up with. Thanks, Matt, for helping out!

My New Photography Blog

          Hello to everyone, and welcome to my photography blog! I'm hoping to use this blog to discuss anything and everything photography related that's going on in my life. Just to give a tiny bit of background on myself, I recently moved to Austin after backpacking in Europe for 14 months. I decided to come back to the States for a short while in order to work on some photography projects I have been visualising for a while as well as learn some new things. Since moving to Austin less than 2 months ago, I finished building my website, acquired my second consistent job as a paid photographer, and I am currently taking a fine art photography course through a continuing education program. I'm hoping that with the completion of my website I will be able to get more photography related jobs. Of course, I'm also hoping to share my work with people like you. So, here it is. Enjoy!